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JT Information Solution was established on 23 January 2006 as a BUSINESS IT SOLUTION organizations implementing advance Information Technology (IT) based on real-time needs and highly competitive business world to the clients.

JT Information Solution has the support of several computer experts in providing services such as software development, implementation and maintenance. It has consultancies that are used as a business requirement needs to produce higher quality products. As your companies move to a greater heights and competitiveness, technologies do play a vital role in keeping the companies in the competition.

We generate a continuous stream of new ideas everyday. The pace at which we work and the size and variety of projects that we work on, create a truly dynamic environment for outstanding career development. Going forward, we see even more opportunities to help our clients achieve not just incremental improvements through projects, but also improvement in overall business outcomes. We are committed to creating a sustainable path to growth, one that will lead to an exciting future for the local practice.

Our expertise covers BUSINESS IT SOLUTION, WEB DEVELOPMENT and WEB HOSTING SERVICE using the latest technologies for more secure, stable, flexible and user friendly software solutions and to constantly add value to our clients by assisting them in sharpening their competitive edge through our knowledge, experience and continuous enhancement.

Our clients at the moment are S.K. Furniture Sdn. Bhd., SWS Sofa (formally known as Sin Wee Seng Ind Sdn Bhd), YangWood Sdn Bhd, Oasis Furniture Industries Sdn. Bhd., Take Export Sdn. Bhd., Kinheng Furniture Sdn. Bhd., Fair Production Sdn. Bhd., Song Chong Haberdasher Sdn Bhd, PatchMall, Avenue Media Communication and etc. We work in the basic to offer our clients a START TO FINISH approach for technology challenges. More>>

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